It’s Eve! She Bad Bad


It’s been over 10 years since Eve released Eve-Olution, the album that featured the pop/rap gold, ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’  with Gwen Stefani. Problems with her US label and an attraction to acting meant Eve kind of disappeared from our radars until the wicked ‘Tambourine’ surfaced a few years back. Now she’s back on top and ‘She Bad Bad’ badder than ever with a brand new video and jumpin’ track which she’s releasing on her own label, Blondie Rockwell Inc.

She Bad Bad‘ has the classic rap style that any fan of hers will know and love on top of a dirty bass-filled track that’s gonna cause havoc when it comes on in the clubs. I cannot wait to see what else she’s got under her belt when the album Lip Lock comes out later this year.


Typheni – Is It Love

Every now and then, and it’s so rare, a house track starts and you just know its just going to be amazing.

A new release from DJ Spen’s label in the US is Typheni’s ‘Is It Love’ and it smashes it. I don’t need to big it up too much, you can do the judging. And if you want, you can buy it here.

Katy B – Danger EP 2012

Following up from her hugely successful debut album, Katy B has been badgering away in the studio preparing for her sophomore release. No one predicted she’d drop a free EP after working with some of her favorite artists in the industry, but she did and the results are fierce.

The EP features 4 tracks but one hits the spot like nothing I’ve heard before. Collaborating with MY artist of 2012, Jessie Ware, and Geeneus, the result is a modern day version of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ – and it’s absolutely BRILLIANT. You can grab the mix tape for free from Katy’s website but here is ‘Aaliyah‘ in all its glory.

Be aware of Jessie Ware


Jessie Ware popped up in 2012 with personally, the best album of the year. ‘Devotion‘ serves up 11 stunning tracks including the brilliant ‘No to Love’ and the ridiculously cool ‘100%’. The Mercury-nominated album also includes ‘Running’, a track that’s been mixed amazingly by new big bad duo, Disclosure. If you’ve not heard Jessie’s Devotion, here it is delivered in digestible 16 glorious minutes.

And of course, the goosebump-inducing remix of ‘Running’ by Disclosure:

Azealia Banks – No Problems

Ms. Banks caused quite a stir on the music scene after releasing the potty-mouthed ‘212‘ earlier in 2012. Her follow up EP gave us a fantastic taste to what the album would be like, slated for fall 2012, only to be proceeded by a free mixtape and an announcement to say the album is now coming in 2013. The mixtape’s cool and will keep the die-hard fans going until ‘Broke with Expensive Taste‘ is released and, if you’ve not heard it, you can find it free at

This month, the Harlem rapper launches a brand new track titled ‘No Problems’ – maybe referring to her recent public spat with Angel Haze?! The track is dirty, but what did you expect?

The return of Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole can do no wrong in my eyes, so when she announced she was dropping her 5th studio album ‘Woman to Woman’ in November this year, I prepped my ears like I was off for a hearing test.

Not everyone knows about Keyshia, and Keyshia’s not for everyone, but if you like the first single from the album, you must, must, must give her back catalogue a go – especially her second album ‘Just Like You’; she’s ama-zing.

JoJo’s back… and she badder than ever

You remember JoJo? The 13 year-old american girl who sang the lyrics of a 25 year-old, telling her boyfriend to ‘Leave, get out’? She was the youngest ever solo artists to have a US number one. Well that was 2004 and she’s kind of gown up since then. After launching ‘Leave’ on the world, JoJo released a self-titled album, a follow-up LP called ‘The High Road’ in 2006 and then a mixtape or two.Now she’s back and her new mixtape ‘Agápē‘ proved that JoJo never really left – she just disappeared to grow up, giving her something to write about. Gone are the bubblegum-pop lyrics about prepubescent love, replaced with raw, edgy, real, vocals about cheating and doing the dirty behind her boyfriend’s back.

To say she’s back is an understatement – and after hearing this, you’ll realise you missed her too. The best offering is ‘Can’t Handle the Truth’ I. LOVE. IT.
You can download the mixtape for free at AND for old time’s sake…