JoJo’s back… and she badder than ever

You remember JoJo? The 13 year-old american girl who sang the lyrics of a 25 year-old, telling her boyfriend to ‘Leave, get out’? She was the youngest ever solo artists to have a US number one. Well that was 2004 and she’s kind of gown up since then. After launching ‘Leave’ on the world, JoJo released a self-titled album, a follow-up LP called ‘The High Road’ in 2006 and then a mixtape or two.Now she’s back and her new mixtape ‘Agápē‘ proved that JoJo never really left – she just disappeared to grow up, giving her something to write about. Gone are the bubblegum-pop lyrics about prepubescent love, replaced with raw, edgy, real, vocals about cheating and doing the dirty behind her boyfriend’s back.

To say she’s back is an understatement – and after hearing this, you’ll realise you missed her too. The best offering is ‘Can’t Handle the Truth’ I. LOVE. IT.
You can download the mixtape for free at AND for old time’s sake…

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